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Since retiring I have been busy following yet another interest that has been with me since childhood; that of wargaming. If you are not familiar with the hobby it involves researching different aspect of military history, making models of the figures and equipment in use at the time, making appropriate terrain and then using the whole caboodle to reconstruct battles and play them out with likeminded individuals. Yes…..playing with toy soldiers!

I decided to make my own efforts at wargaming available for others to read about and therefore started a blog about the subject. The blog includes my efforts at making the models and terrain for my particular interests and is lavishly illustrated with photographs of my projects as well as information about how they were constructed.

My main focus of attention has been the Ten Years War in Cuba – something which has intrigued me since my days at University. I am also interested in less esoteric subjects including Second World War French forces, Russian and Finnish forces for the Winter War, Britain and the Sudan, the American Civil War and the Siege of Sidney Street.

At some stage I hope to represent all of these eclectic pursuits on the blog.

If the subject is of the remotest interest to you please click the link:

Glenn’s Wargaming Blog